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Notable Leaders' Radio

Mar 8, 2023

In today’s  episode, I speak with Sheila Murphy,  CEO of Focus Forward Consulting, 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award from Corporate Counsel’s, Women, Influence, Power, in Law Award program, 2017 Leading Woman Lawyer in NYC, by Craine’s NY Business, and staunch advocate for propelling women forward into leadership positions.

Sheila speaks to the value of our self awareness, courage, and true potential. She offers us a glimpse into her failures (learnings) and successes, with the hope of helping us all to overcome our avoidances, and believe in ourselves.

She shares her philosophy on making successful transitions, creating lasting relationships, and encourages us to continue to ask questions rather than be judgmental of our own journeys.

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • What drew Sheila to law initially, and what inspired her to move past any obstacles in her way

  • How a single moment drove her to change everything about the way she practiced law

  • Where she learned that the stories and limitations we tell ourselves are not an indication of our real potential

  • The relationship between success and self-awareness

Click here to listen to his full episode. I believe you will be motivated as she shares her journey to success and self-awareness. .

Guest Bio:

Sheila Murphy is the CEO of Focus Forward Consulting where she coaches her clients to make power moves that create forward momentum in their careers, compensation, and courage. As a certified coach, Sheila works primarily with lawyers who want to be an unstoppable force in their careers. Prior to launching Focus Forward Consulting, Sheila was Senior Vice President and Associate General Counsel at MetLife and also spent many years in private practice. 
As a staunch advocate for propelling women forward into leadership positions Sheila volunteers her time as a member of the Board of Directors of National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL), serves on the advisory board of Transforming Women's Leadership in Law, and co-chairs the CARE's Women's Network of New York, which eradicates poverty by empowering women and girls.

Sheila has received numerous accolades including the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award from Corporate Counsel’s Women, Influence, Power in Law Award program, the Highest Leaf Award in 2010 from the Women’s Venture Fund and in 2017 was named a Leading Women Lawyer in NYC by Crain's New York Business. Sheila is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Sheila earned her Associate Certified Coach and Certified Professional Co-Active Coach from the International Coaching Federation and the Co- Active Leadership Institute, respectively. 




Belinda’s Bio: 

Belinda Pruyne is a sought-after Leadership Advisor, Coach, Consultant and Keynote speaker. She is a leading authority in guiding global executives, professionals and small business owners to become today’s highly respected leaders.

She gained a wealth of expertise in the client services industry as Executive Vice President, Global Director of Creative Management at Grey Advertising, managing 500 people around the globe. With over 20+ years of leadership development experience, she brings industry-wide recognition to the executives and companies she works with. Whether a startup, turnaround, acquisition, or global corporation, executives and companies continue to turn to Pruyne for strategic and impactful solutions in a rapidly shifting economy and marketplace. 


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